Temple of Dagon

TempleOfDagon Nightmare


You can go through the door to the next level as soon as you have the key and door discovered.

You cannot go back to a level you already left. If you don't clear all encounters before going through the door, you will not be able to go finish those encounters.

I have seen rewards as high as 80 GP so far, but since this is a limited dungeon, it won't be a long term GP farming location.

On Upper Temple Level 7, there are no Wild Guardians, only the key, door and chests. Some of the encounters are empty, but still consume Battle Points. All chests on this level contained Coliseum Passes.

First time through the dungeon, the bosses on Levels 10, 20, and 30 all gave 400 GP, a Hunting Ticket and a Coliseum Pass we well as two Stat Stones(II). I'll update once I beat the next two bosses and start on hard mode.

Upper Temple Level 18 was similar to Level 7, but had Hunting Tickets instead of Coliseum Passes. I'm pretty sure there is another level like this with GP, but I can't recall which. The second time through, level 18 had chests of GP.

Overall, not sure how I like this dungeon. Every encounter consumes 5 battle points, even if it's just a key, door or chest. On the chest levels, there are 2-3 empty encounters that consume battle points and give absolutely nothing. Guess that's the price you pay for so many chests. It takes a lot of battle points to get through.

Nine Lives Lenny
Good news, Guardian Masters! The quaint little fishing village of Kostolle has thrown open her gates to outiders. It's a picturesque little village, right on the coast. As you'd imagine, the people there love to share all kinds of fisherman's tales and sea legends. There's one tragic story of merfolk and man that's come to be quite well known. Just offshore, you can see the Temple of Dagon jutting up from the waves. The villagers say it goes some fifty floors straight down into the ocean depths! But it's not like any dungeon, cave, or tower you've seen before.

There have been ill tidings from Kostolle of late. Best get over there and find out what's afoot before it's too late!

From Thursday, December 6 until Sunday, December 16
Must have cleared Mechadane
  • 50 levels in all
  • Find the key and door on each level to proceed deeper
  • Bosses every 10 floors drop magic stones (II and III)
  • Replay on hard mode after clearing
  • Bosses will not become weakened in hard mode
  • The Temple of Dagon can be played through on hard mode a total of two times