Spending GPEdit

Guardian Points are used while Enhancing Guardians.

For advanced help on how to best use your GP while leveling up your Guardians, check out the Enhancement XP Calculator on the GC Compendium.

Getting GPEdit

Selling GuardiansEdit

Rank GP for Sale
1☆ 30
2☆ 60
3☆ 120

Since Guardian Points cannot be traded, they are something every player needs to take care of on their own. A great source is by selling low Rank Guardians who only grant small Experience when Enhancing Guardians. Rank 4 and 5 Guardians cannot be sold. Many people recommend always selling Rank 1 Guardians and only using Rank 2 Guardians up to level 15-20 when leveling up. This allows you to gain GP by selling low Rank Guardians and also save GP by getting more XP for the GP you spend. When you enhance a Guardian, the cost is only based on the level of the base card, not the rank or level of the Guardian you sacrifice. This means if you sacrifice higher Rank and/or higher level Guardians, you gain more XP for every GP you spend.

Single Player ContentEdit

Working through the main quest line and Sub-Missions is a great way to earn GP for beginners. These dungeons have chests every three levels which can contain Hunting Tickets, Coliseum Passes or extra GP. Add in the rewards when you complete a Sub-mission and they are pretty rewarding. Once you finish them, going back and doing them again is not very lucrative.

Dungeon QuestsEdit

When Dungeon Quests are available, they are a great way to earn GP. Just like the Sub-Missions you can also find chests with Hunting Tickets, Coliseum Passes and extra GP. The quests also have their own rewards even when repeating them. This is definitely more rewarding and more interesting than farming a single NPC.

Farming GPEdit

When most people talk about Farming Guardian Points they mean repeatedly fighting the same fight in order to earn GP. The fights also randomly reward Coliseum Passes and Hunting Tickets. If you haven't finished the quest line and sub-missions, it is much more effectively to do the quests than to go farm the same fight. Chests and quest rewards will give a much better reward.

If you really want to purely farm GP to gain XP or not have to bother with the dungeons, this is the list of verified best places to farm GP.

Vallon Spire

  • Reward: 75 GP
  • Where: Level 46
  • Who: Green F Wild Guardian in the upper right


  • Reward: 70 GP
  • Where: Kostolle
  • Who: NPC Guston in the lower right, wearing a headband

Kaitsu Cavern

  • Reward: 70 GP
  • Where: Level 40
  • Who: O Wild Guardian next to the chest

Town of Mechadane


The Goodwill Wednesday event used to double the GP reward for all NPCs within towns, but that event was discontinued when Treasure Trove Wednesdays was introduced. SE really wants us to use their dungeons instead of beating up Clarke and Guston.